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What is Modem Mode?

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what is modem mode

Are you paying for broadband speeds and not getting them? I was and it drove me literally insane.

Then I looked at my Super hub 3.0 from Virgin router settings and saw ‘Modem Mode’ and decided to check out what it was. I’m glad I did because now i’m getting the 100mbps that i’m paying for instead of the 10mbps that I was getting.

What is modem mode?

In a nutshell it turns your virgin router into a modem so that you can use your own router instead.

Why would I do that?

You would do that because the truth of the matter is, Virgin do not provide a good router. It’s crap and they know it. Unfortunately the only way to get decent speeds from Virgin is to ditch their router and use a decent one.

How do I get into the Virgin router settings?

Go to your internet browser and go to this address

How do I log into the Virgin super hub router?

The login details will be on a sticker at the base of your router unless you’ve changed them, in which case use the settings that you put in instead. If you’ve forgotten them, reset the router by putting a pin in the small hole at the back and counting slowly to 20, then you should be able to use the default login on the sticker.

How do I change to modem mode on the Virgin Super Hub 3?

On the menu on the left hand side, click the Modem mode tab, click enabled modem mode and then click apply settings.

Once I enable modem mode on the Hub 3 can how do I get back into it to change it back?

Once modem mode is enabled, you will have to plug a computer or laptop directly into an ethernet port of the hub and use address to go into the settings.

What next?

Next you plug in the router (it MUST NOT be an ADSL router) Any non ADSL 1 gigabit router will do. i personally use the Netgear R6250 – AC1600 which I highly recommend but the choice is entirely yours.

How do I plug it in?

Plug the ethernet cable that comes with your router into the yellow port of the Virgin Hub 3 and the other end into your new router. Make sure that all other cables have been removed from your Virgin hub as they will now have to be plugged into your new router.

Do I have to do anything else?

No. The new router will come with it’s own SSID and password. Just simply connect to that instead of your old Virgin SSID or alternatively if all of your tech is connected to the virgin SSID and its too much of a hassle to change it, log into your router and change the SSID + Password to match your old Virgin one. Simple!

2.4ghz vs 5ghz Broadband

A lot of smart devices will only work off o2 a 2.4ghz signal, but your PC / Laptop / Tablets and smartphones can now connect to 5ghz (assuming they have the capability) which will finally give you the internet speeds that you’re paying for!

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